Electric screwdrivers


Electric screwdrivers

Electric screwdrivers

The term of electric screwdriver is more widespread on the market, for everything that means electrically operated screwdrivers.
Restricting the field to precision applications, required by the industrial production environment, “electric screwdriver” refers to accurate electrically operated tightening equipment with shut-off. (From the tests performed, the non-shut-off screwdrivers, the more they are actuated after the first trigger, the more the final torque increases).

The electric screwdrivers are driven by a motor (with or without brushes) and shut-off. The stopping is done by means of a clutch, based on electrical signal or based on the measurements given by the current transducer, in case of those that have integrated.

Electric screwdrivers from the Adexx range.

Electric screwdriver with clutch. It is the most common model, offering an average accuracy of +/- 5%, high durability, with low costs.

Electric screwdriver with integrated torque transducer. The most accurate model, with various options, outputs, at a higher price.

Electric screwdriver with curent stop. Eliminates the possibility of clutch failure over time and are very resistant to heavy use. They are less recommended in applications that require very good accuracy and especially in rigid assemblies.

The torque adjustment for models with integrated torque transducer is done by software. The adjustment for the models with clutch is done by rotating the ring, and for the electric stop models the torque is set from the controller.
A torque tester or a rotation torque transducer is required to adjust the clutch or current models.

Electric screwdrivers

Electric screwdriver WITHOUT brushes VS. Electric screwdriver WITH brushes

Brushless electric screwdrivers are highly durable and do not require regular maintenance. The heat generated by the engine is much lower, and the performance is better over time. These models lead over time to reducing errors and total costs.

Classic screwdrivers wear over time to the brushes, switches and other contact points. The heat generated by the motor can shorten the life of the screwdriver. Wear on components, especially brushes, increases maintenance over time and can sometimes stop the screwdriver from running.


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