Questions about torque wrenches


Questions about torque wrenches

Questions about torque wrenches

Are the manual torque wrenches delivered with calibration certificates?
The professional torque wrenches include calibration certificates from manufacturers. Upon request, we can also deliver them with calibration certificates under ISO17025 accreditation. Adexx also ensures recalibration in case of exceeding the limits mentioned by ISO6789.

Can the data recorded by the digital torque wrenches be transferred to the PC?
All digital torque wrenches sold by Adexx have data output. Some models include software in standard delivery, and for the rest, the software it is delivered on request.

What is the guarantee of torque wrenches?
The torque wrenches sold by Adexx have 1 or 2 year warranty, depending by manufacturer. Problems occur extremely rarely during the warranty period but also after that. We provide service and spare parts.

What is the basic information about torque wrenches?
According to ISO 6789 International Standard for manual torque wrenches:
– the effective working range of a manual torque tool is 20% … 100%.
– the accuracy of the tools must be ± 4% above 10 Nm and ± 6% below 10 Nm.
– overload protection must be 125%.
– the uncertainty of the calibration device must be a maximum of 1%.

Questions about torque wrenches

Torque wrenches

How to choose manual torque wrenches?
Depending on the application, mechanical, digital or dial torque wrenches can be chosen.
– for tightening, mechanical wrenches with click, breaking or slipping models are recommended.
– to check tightened screws, use digital or dial torque wrenches. These can also be used for torque tightening, but even if they have a better accuracy, the tightening may have a lower accuracy. This is because stopping the tightening based on their acoustic and optical signals may be less accurate.

What are the differences between click, articulate or sliding keys?
Click system: reaching the torque is indicated by a short beep – click – and the free movement of the handle relative to the ratchet by about 3 degrees.
Articulated system: reaching the torque is indicated by moving the handle to about 20 degrees. This system considerably reduces the risk of over-tightening.
Slipping system: after reaching the torque, an internal mechanism still allows the rotation of the torque wrench, automatically resetting and completely eliminating the risk of over-tightening.

Is it necessary to bring the manual torque wrenches to 0 after use?
For longer periods of non-use, it is recommended to bring the torque wrenches to the minimum value (not to the minimum of the scale). In the situation where the torque wrenches are used intensively on the same value, they can remain adjusted on the respective value. There is no clear rule that they will be decalibrated if they are not kept to minimum.

When is recalibration recommended?
Recalibration is recommended according to ISO6789 after 5000 tightening or latest at 12 months. Quality management in each company may also require more frequent checks.


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