For the most products prices are not displayed (the website is just a presentation one). Being products for special / industrial applications, we want to make sure that the optimal product is selected, technically, first of all, economical and of stock availability – if there are more alternatives.

Below are some products for which the prices are mentioned on the site: special offers, products used in tests, etc. (For orders, please access the contact page!)

Special offer
Products used for tests + Products taken out of production: digital force gauge 50kN with external transducer, 11.5Nm / 50Nm torque testers, 500Nm rotary transducer, torque wrenches, spring force gauges.

Industrial impact tools at special prices

Industrial torque wrenches from Gedore
110…310 Euro less VAT.

Mechanical force gauges max. 500N
189 Euro less VAT.