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Adexx | Since 2008 we provide equipments, calibration, service and consulting in the fields of torque, force and pressure measurement.

All the products are made by companies with a tradition of decades, with production facilities in the EU and USA.
Most of the products are delivered with calibration certificates from production, and, on request we provide calibration certificates according to ISO17025. We provide re-calibration. Also, our company holds a Management Certificate of Quality according to ISO9001.

We are focused on quality, less on quantity. We try to do less, but better.

We have chosen to promote only products for which we can ensure fast deliveries, re-calibration, service and spare parts  and work only with producers. This ensures flexibility and speed in solving technical, service & calibration problems.

For orders sent up to 14.00 , the existing products in stock will be shipped in the same day via TNT or DPD. Delivery in 24h in over 95% of localities in Romania and 1-3 days in the nearby countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Moldova, Greece.

For products not being in stock, we will send in max. 48 hours the exact delivery time.

If there are changes related to the delivery terms, we will send information as soon as we receive them from the manufacturers. All communication is done in writing, and any delays will be transmitted in time, before the date initially confirmed.

ISO 9001 Certificate