The fields of use for the equipment from Adexx range are the auto industry, the electronics industry, the aeronautical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the packaging industry, general production, automation companies, laboratories, universities, repair services and in general any sector of production or services where a certain quality standard is required.
(Symbols © Mark-10 – Adexx supplier of measuring tools for torque and force)


Medical Device / Pharma

  • Needle penetration force
  • Tablet crush force
  • Suture strength
  • Packaging peel force
  • Syringe plunger force
  • Dental implant torque
  • Tensile strength of orthodontic wire testers
  • Catheter torque testers
  • Luer lock torque testers
  • Adhesive strength of bandages testers
  • Applications with photos


  • Adhesive tape peel testing system
  • Flexible packaging materials peel testing system
  • 180° peel testing system
  • Opening force testing system
  • Bottle cap torque testing system
  • Coefficient of friction testing system
  • Bottle Top-load testing system
  • Oil seal pull-off testing system
  • Applications with photos


  • Controlled tightening
  • Fastener torque testing
  • Calibration of torque tools
  • Measurement of the closing/opening force
  • Turn signal stalk activation
  • Seat belt retraction force
  • Rotation torque of various accessories
  • Ergonomy testing
  • Wire crimp pull testing
  • Bearings testing
  • Coeficient of friction
  • Wiping force testing
  • Applications with photos

Electronic industry

  • Low torque tightenings
  • Verification of tightened screws
  • Calibration of torque tools
  • Switch force activation
  • PCB bend testing
  • Wire crimp pull testing
  • Component pull testing
  • Component breking force
  • Peeling force
  • Connector insertion/withdrawal force
  • Applications with photos


  • Controlled tightening
  • Fastener torque testing
  • Calibration of torque tools
  • Spring testing
  • Wire crimp pull testing
  • Passenger control button activation force
  • Bearing torque testing
  • Tension incables
  • Breaking force for various materials
  • Applications with photos



Consumer Products & Sports Equipment

  • Ski flex testing
  • Goggle strap pull testing
  • Tennis ball compression testing
  • Elongation testing of elastomers, plastics, and other materials
  • Peel testing of packaging materials
  • Spring testing
  • Dial torque testing
  • Hinge torque testing
  • Toy component pull-off testing
  • Foam compression testing
  • Switch activation force
  • Applications with photos

Ergonomics Testing & Job Task Analysis

  • Pushing a wheelchair or cart
  • Loading and unloading boxes
  • Luggage / cargo handling
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Fitness assessment
  • Pulling items from racks
  • Applications with photos

Food & Beverage

  • Bottle cap torque testing
  • Bottle cap pull-off force testing
  • Food texture analysis
  • Top load testing
  • Burst testing
  • Crush testing
  • Applications with photos

Other Industries

  • Controlled tightnening
  • Checking tightened screws
  • Torque tool calibration
  • Tension force
  • Hinge torque testing
  • Weld torque testing
  • Weld force testing
  • Elongation testing
  • Tension in cables/ropes
  • Bearing torque testing
  • Other test
  • Applications with photos